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Testing of new CNC gearbox ver. V2.2 for HK417

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Testing of new CNC gearbox ver. V2.2 for HK417

13. 05. 2017

We made prototype of modified gearbox ver. 2.2 for HK417 VFC-UMAREX airsoft replicas. First big innovation is removing third part of the gearbox and integrating it into the lower part. This new gearbox is now lighter, easier to assemble and much more massive. The cut-off lever socket was also reworked, so switching between safe – semi – auto is now without any problems. More edge cutting also added.

All internal parts were taken from original gearbox and they fits perfectly. Assembling gearbox into the body is without any problem, there is no need for body customization.

Fire modes testing

Most common problems


Most common problem with cut-off lever is, that this part from original gearbox is made from aluminum alloy. So it is not perfectly straight and it has big manufacturing defects, what cause a lot of problems. We recommend to grind front edge of this part (marked with number 1), so the metal fire selector plate would not bump into the cut-off lever, because that would cause switching from semi to auto. Next we recommend clean the place where is cut-off lever, from any dirt or metal chips/swarf, so the cut-off lever can move without any resistance.

If you pay attention for all of these things, there is 100% guarantee that this CNC gearbox will work perfectly.

This gearbox will be available in 1.6.2017 on our internet store.

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