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Informations for VAT

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Informations for VAT

Informations for VAT

In this topic, we will explain all things around  21% VAT.

The Retro FACTORY s.r.o. is company, which owns the internet store This company is located in Czech Republic – The member of European Union and we pay 21% VAT. So all of our prices includes 21% VAT. VAT ID (Value Added Tax Identification Number) for Retro FACTORY s.r.o. is CZ01819747.


All prices includes 21% VAT. This tax is for every retail/common customers without any difference of shipping address. Buying without VAT is not possible.


Because of Czech Republic is member of European Union, there are some differences for buying without VAT, this includes different conditions by country where shipment goes.

Czech Republic – buying without VAT is not possible for VAT payers or even for not-VAT payers.

EU Countries (Except CZ) – buying without VAT is possible, only if customer has valid VAT ID. If customer has valid VAT ID (Value Added Tax Identification Number), there is option to buy without VAT. If customer doesn’t has valid VAT ID, there is no option for buying without VAT and all prices will include 21% VAT.

Countries outside EU – Countries outside EU can be even in Europe, but they are not part of European Union (for example, Switzerland, San Marino). Buying without VAT is possible only, if we fulfill EAD (Export Accompanying Document) on Customs. This provides that shipment went out of European Union and it is VAT free. This document is our proof of exporting shipment out of European Union. In most cases, there is a fee for completing this document. ATENTION: Importing documents (SAD) to country destination must be fulfilled by every customer on its own.

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