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New production area

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New production area

11. 11. 2017

After ten days of exhausting preparations, packaging, moving, re-opening, cleanings and tuning our CNC machines, we are finally in new manufacturing area. Even when we tried, we had to fully stop production for the whole moving proces, because we have so many stuff and so big store house, that we did not even have a place, where to put anything.

But now, all changes. From our original 42m2 of manufacturing area, when we started some years ago from nothing, we have now 250m2, so we have now a lot of place and we can focus on our favourited job. We have finally the feel of the „space“ around us, so we can start on full throttle. I don't mean only the production, but even better researching, testings or even photographing our products. We bought recently completly new photographing equipment, but we did not have a space for it.

We also made some improvments on our production. Our CNC machines use now new fluid. We used concentrate of Blaser Swisslube, what had great attributes, but it was not enough for us. We needed something better. So we decided to use fresh new on the market DECOIL. This fluid is not oil or emulsion, this is special polymer fluid with interesting attributes. We had to clean all pumps, tanks and cooling circuits, then apply special cleaning fluid and clean them again. After that, we finally could fill our new DECOIL fluid.

It means that our customers get better quality of products and services.

In the end of the year, we should have new eshop, so there are a lot of news. But we will talk about them later.

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