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Problems and solutions during transportations of orders

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Shipping and Payment Problems and solutions during transportations of orders

Problems and solutions during transportations of orders

There can be rare cases during long distance transportations via Czech post, but these „occasions“ have easy solutions.

There is no change in package tracking for a long time.

Our shipments always shows the trace of package on Timeline of portal. If the shipment „freeze“, it means that the shipment got new number from the local post. If you cannot see any changes or movement of the package for more than one week (and the order is not delivered), please contact your local post with shipment number, that you got from us.

It is the easy way, how to find and quickly deliver your shipment (there is also situation, where the package is stopped by customs and customer does not even know about that). There is no way how to find this changed shipment number from Czech Republic, but if the delivery failed, we submit a claim of transportation. In these situations, we can trace the movement of the shipment, but that can take up to 14 working days and this solution is only in extreme situations.

Common situation during changing of the shipment number is change of state on tracking with note saying: The consignment was sent to the destination country without any additional information.


There is no record of shipment tracking on portal, even if you got the confirmation and shipment number from us.

Next common problem can occur during security check on airport, this can make return of the shipment, but we will resend it to you again. There can be also note on portal: Full details on the consignment are not available on the Internet, please call our information line at 954 40 66 99. Because we cannot track these changes in tracking, please contact us if you find a problem like this. We try to find more information about the package and try to make it to deliver to you.


We always try to avoid problems with transportation (for example: discreet packing, correct transportation documents), but there can be always the chance of unexpected events.

We always try to solve any transportation problems as fast as possible, but please remember, our factory is not shipping company. We only mediate the transportation. We do all of aftermarket troubleshooting during transportation only because we care about our customers.