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Buying without VAT for customers outside the EU

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Buying without VAT for customers outside the EU

19. 10. 2018

Because of increasing number of customers OUTSIDE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION and frequently required tax free option, we managed with help of our great accountant to prepare legal tax free option for buying without 21% VAT, without need of any interfering from the customer. So what are the conditions for buying without 21% VAT?

First thing is to register on our internet store and fill right shipment/address details, because the location of delivery decides if you can have the 21% VAT free option, the delivery address MUST BE OUTSIDE OF EU. In case, when you are already registered on our internet store and you set the delivery address outside of the EU, the 21% VAT free prices are shown automatically and there is no need of any interfering. You also do not need any customs confirmation or any export authorization, etc… we will solve this for you.

This offer is only for customers living outside of the European Union countries with delivery address outside of the EU.

You can get our products by this way with lowered price of 21% for VAT + 5% discount for registration on our internet store as a bonus. This solution makes discount up to 26% from our local prices. After you log into our internet store, you can see the history of the orders, tracking numbers and invoice download option. The 21% VAT free option is not accounted to the shipment cost by post or DHL.

This offer can not be redeemed or combined with discounts for the orders, that were already made.

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