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Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A

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Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A

Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A
Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A
Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A
Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A
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Popis: Handguard TUBERA AR15 - A

Our brand new Handguard TUBERA is handguard with integrated outer barrel. This handguard can also work as a replacement for a silencer and it is developed for all airsoft AR15 (M4) replicas, or any other type of AR15 clones (M16). The TUBERA handguard is CNC milled from one solid block of EN AW 7075 T651 Aluminum, what has higher strength (590MPa) than common Construction steel (390MPa) or Aluminum alloy EN AW 6060. TUBERA handguard is manufactured on accurate CNC Milling machines in our own factory.

The shape of TUBERA handguard comes from our Type B Silencer. This handguard is very light, 200mm version has only 140g and 250mm version has only 160g. It is very uncommon accessory, mostly interesting for #speedairsoft players. TUBERA handguard has very simple construction, but a lot of ways for setups. You can setup this handguard the same way as silencers. For example inner barrel through whole handguard, or 2/3 size of inner barrel and rest of the handguard fill with silencing foam with some silencing effect. It is customer choice of setup of usage. Inner barrel is held by our included silencer centering pad, so inner barrel won’t move at all. Next included thing is outer barrel adapter, which hold Hop Up chamber.

Package includes: CNC Handguard TUBERA, Body-Handguard Adapter, Outer Barrel Adapter, Centering Damping Pad

The TUBERA Handguard is sanded with synthetic corundum and it has protective anodizing. The EN AW 7075 T651 Aluminum (Dural) is difficult to anodize because of its high hardness and tightness, so the anodizing process can’t reach the depth of the material like on the common aluminum. If we don’t use anodizing, there is huge risk of corrosion on the material (huge gray spots with rotten look).

Our TUBERA Handguard can be installed on the airsoft replicas with Tokyo Marui compatible standard. There is no need of tightening the caps with brute force. If you want to be sure that the screws won’t move, use allowed thread glue or thread paint.

Installation of the TUBERA handguard don’t require special skills or experience. The worst part is removing the original handguard and outer barrel from the airsoft replica. The main problem is that a lot of airsoft manufacturers use their own shapes and sizes, there are no standards in the airsoft like in the engineering (ISO for example). There are huge amount of manufacturers with completely different manufactured parts. So we recommend airsoft replicas where manufacturers use Tokyo Marui compatible standard, where we don’t expect any problems with compatibility.