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Attention about anodizing

Our products are manufactured from the best possible materials - aluminum and steel. Aluminum/Dural must be protected even more than steel from rust. And 99% of our products use aircraft dural AW 7075 T651 and dural EN AW 2007.

These alloys are very strong, the aircraft dural EN AW 7075 T651 has higher strenght, than common structural steel. But for anodizing, these hard alloys are not good. Even manufacturer of these alloys says, that anodizing them is not possible.

For best and high quality anodizing is best aliminum alloys like EN AW 6060, but we don't use it, because it is really soft with low hardness (like 6x less than dural EN AW 7075). Parts from this material would have very short lifetime.

But thanks to some technological process, we know have to anodize durals 7075 and 2007. But it is only protective anodizing with color layer. These hard durals can't penetrate anodized layer, but they can hold it on it's surface (anodizing soft aluminums usually penetrate their's layers).

Even when we try use the best possible quality of anodizing, in some cases, there can be on the anodized surface some failures like:

This happens because of fitting parts onto titanium springs. These springs are with parts drowned into water bath, where they are anodized. So there can be marks from fitting these parts. These marks are minimal, usually none of them.